Agriturismo San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy
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San Gimignano
Declared Humanity Patrimony due to the Walls and the historical centre, San Gimignano is one of the Italian cities more characterized by medieval architecture, thanks to its very famous towers the skyline is unique and unmistakable. During the 1800 Ages San Gimignano has been restored but that don't prevent to recognized the strong original characteristic of 1200 Italian Ages, in fact is one of the best examples in Europe of primitive Common's urban civilization.

Renowned Etruscan city, famous for alabaster extraction and handcraft. Is magnificently preserved in each part from the historical centre to the Walls built with cyclopean stones and the Doors like Porta all'Arco and Porta Diana where are always preserved the ancient door-post. Moreover many Hypogeal utilized for Etruscan burial of defunct, moreover the Roman Ruins and medieval buildings as The Cathedral and Palazzo Dei Priori in the main square.

Certaldo Alto (high Certaldo)
Is one of the medieval village most characteristic and well preserved in Tuscany, its origins are both Etruscan and Roman and it's on Francigena's way, ancient street utilized by pilgrims to reach Rome. The famous writer Giovanni Boccaccio was born here. In the historical centre on the high part of the small village, you'll find the ancient buildings and streets in bricks; visiting the churches and the palaces through the ancient paths... everything remind to the popular past!

Chief town of Tuscany, UNESCO property, university centre, the place in which was born the Italian Rinascimento and science like art and architecture, for those and many other reasons is considered one of most beautiful cities of all over the world. Thousands between monuments, museums and palaces, just few examples: Duomo, Santa Croce Church, Uffizi Museums, Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Piazza Della Signoria, Palazzo Pitti, ecc... During Medieval Ages Firenze has been an important commercial, cultural and trading centre. Capital City of Granducato di Toscana under the control of Medici and Lorena family and also Capital City of Italy, after its Union in 1861, from 1865 to 1871.

Also for its cultural expressions, Siena is very famous for The Palio, the ancient horse riding, that take place just in the main square. The historical centre is an UNESCO property. The surrounding of the City is enchanting: it seems to float on the hills! It has been founded as a Roman Colony at the time of the Emperor Augusto, for that reason the architectonic style is really impressed in each part: Doors, Palaces, and in the structure of the internal ways.